Ilona RP nag


I see from my side and you from your side.

  • Let's create a common picture!
  • The picture of mutual relations. It's quite real, though they said you can not paint.
  • From my workshop you will come out with yours own picture.
    It's a unique experience, artistic, intellectual and spiritual.


This is a unique Game, first of all has no rules.


Any other takes place by means of material tokens and ends in success or failure. This Game is played with colored stains, so intangible gestures, and ends up with a completely material picture! The spiritual fulfillment and emotional satisfaction.
The Game in Abstraction reaches to something elementary, so elementary that it is deeper than culture, rituals, dreams. It reaches to a source of the existence of that which the culture must only describe and name. The game just go in there and is. This mechanism is simple, but an experienced guide must conduct it. I am him - an artist, a master of the Game.

Play your own picture! Many benefits.

  1. The picture, your picture that you will hang on your wall.
  2. A unique experience, going beyond the everyday culture and entry into the world of mutual relations. "The self-organizing system." It's a refreshing experience.
  3. The picture with the story! None of your friends have anything like this! (I said that this the art for the courageous people - we must afford it: spiritually - to carry the experience, intellectually, to tell the story of the picture, materially:it's a limited edition, so it is not cheap).

Is it worth it to play? Certainly. Do you collect the art? Do you love modern painting? Are you intrigued by this, what is creative and courageous?

This art is for you. In the artistic perspective:

The game is a refreshing of concept of the picture in the art. The picture of mutual relations, which is what we can do together in relations with others and, consequently, with the environment. Of course, this is a artistic picture, but actually rose, resulting from real dialogue between two partners! Recorded on the picture plane and ready to contemplate. What is important is the picture, awareness of the partnership, composition resulting from emotional relation, paradox of how it is governed and its role in creating dialogue.

In the emotional perspective:

We know only so much about ourselves, how much we were checked!
Expand your potential through the experience of the Game, gain your picture, appreciate and respect it because it is THIS picture!
Because it is the picture in which we came true.


In the social and historical perspective:

I think the Game in Abstraction had to be born in Poland. Never before nobody passed on such a massive scale such an experiment.
The transition from the seemingly real socialism to the painfully real capitalism. After all, we all take part in it


In the spiritual perspective:

Witkacy wrote that the Pure Form is "The specific structure of elements which the system is dominated by the idea of art, it lets creator and recipient to feel Mystery of Existence and experience the metaphysical shock". The game really fits this definition. Every move of my partner unbalances and subject me to pressure of an otherness.
I think that such a role originally the prayer performed, to be renewal and cancellation of this, what in the depths we feel as natural. Everyday, however, curves the roads of this naturalness. The Game helps to maintain a balance of existence, refresh the alliance with the depth, in order to then return to own version of seeing the world.



Playing without a partner is merely a commercial offer! Do you want to have this experience? Let's sit down, for this moment I have prepared over 20 years. I'm ready, I control the process...Now your role: Play!