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The research, technique, and development cycle - perspective.

It's been 26 years when I started ran this research program. Taking another meeting, I experience, together with a Game partner, our relations and extraordinary state "after the Game", I talk about this, I ask for opinions. All this is recorded, analyzed and cataloged. In this way, I create a scheme of the Game in Abstraction.
This cycle is also an offer because on this basis you can order for yourself a game at a good price, but you need to propose your angle of view, experience and commitment to:

  • Verbal expression - video documentation.
  • Statements about the Game from your own perspective in two dimensions: personal-emotional and from the perspective of a professional or trade.
  • Declare of willingness to participate in future discussions, seminars, meetings and workshops. In this way, you will become the intellectual and spiritual partner of the Game abstrakcję.

Visit: research page: www.garawasbtrakcję 

Catalog of pictures from the Game: